Shut Up and Listen

The wonderful documentary The Truth According to Wikipedia explains the problem behind useless information overload.


3 thoughts on “Shut Up and Listen

  1. Bo Lotinsky

    Very, very good. When I saw that it was 48 minutes long I thought, “I’m not sure I have time for this,” but when it started I got sucked in.

    The problems with the democratization of truth…

    The fact that the co-founder of Wikipedia is a radical Libertarian and when asked about whether a 17 year-old’s edits should trump a professional educator with 40 years of experience, he answers, “Often times the 17 year old is right.” Wow, he really believes that.

    I loved Andrew Keen. For someone who can’t spend the time to view the entire video it’s well worth it to just look at only the segments with Andrew (don’t miss the segment where he addresses the crowd at 38:45).

    The internet – a medium for “digital Narcissism” may be spot on. His views on the breakdown of community and society – I can understand why Keen is not popular. We may be on a path to the breakdown of national identities to be replaced by borderless digital niche nations. Let’s hope his optimistic prediction for the future becomes reality.

    Thanks, Ian. I’m passing this on to my friends.


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