Avoid Lines at the Post Office

You can ship USPS packages from your local UPS Store.

I needed to quickly drop off a Media Mail package at the local post office before work today. I already had postage on it but needed to drop it off because the weight was more than what the USPS will allow me to have picked up at home or placed in a drop-box. (Gotta’ love pseudo-security.)

The line was at least fifteen people deep and I always get yelled at for misplacing the labels and postage even though my packages still magically make it to their final destinations.

Determined, I decided to give it a try at my local UPS Store. There was someone already in front of me and yet the clerk, upon glancing at my pre-stamped package, simply stuck our her hand, said “we ship USPS,” and said things looked great.

UPS is beating the USPS at its own game. I’m going to Half.com now to add UPS to my shipping options…


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